Hello, I’m Karen!

My passion for yoga was ignited in 2005 and what keeps me hooked is that practising it feels so good! And not just for the body. The sense of wellbeing that yoga brings can filter into every moment of your life, and that’s precisely what I hope to pass on in my classes.

I’m a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma teacher and am also trained in Vinyasa Flow. I also have a special interest in Chair Yoga and offer chair-based yoga classes for people otherwise unable to access the benefits and enjoyment of yoga.

Yoga encompasses many practices. The main focus of my yoga classes is asana, or postural yoga. By practising asana with presence, I hope that you will renew your connection with yourself, in order to develop an awareness of what you need, and be able to better respond to those needs.

My classes are designed to develop strength and flexibility, improve coordination and balance, increase the body’s range of movement and establish better breathing. The classes start with a few still, quiet moments to turn inwards and end with a few minutes of relaxation. I encourage presence during practice to promote self-awareness, as well as a sense of equanimity.

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